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10 Super Light Survival Kit Items Your Kids Can Carry

Trying to figure out what your kids can carry for a light survival kit can be tough. After all, it has to be super light and easy to use . . . especially for smaller children. The items on this list are light enough that even your littlest survivalist can carry them.

10 Light Survival Kit Items for Kids

1. Handcranked LED Flashlight

Light is essential in a survival situation, especially for a small child who is likely to be afraid of the dark. This easy-to-use flashlight is fun to charge for kids and is light. In fact, this one is just over 3 oz. so it’s light enough for even a toddler to hang onto . . . and it fits easily into a backpack pocket. Kids can crack the flashlight as needed to charge it or leave it in the sun, if your chosen light features a solar charger.

2. Glow Sticks

What kid doesn’t love glow sticks? The best part about these childhood favorites is that they can be an excellent light source and are simple enough for nearly any child to crack and shake. Not only can glow sticks be used for illumination, they’re also good for marking your child’s location if they are separated from you. Try these super bright sticks that are thick enough for tiny hands to hang onto.

3. Safety Whistle

If your children get lost, they should have a safety whistle on them so they can blow it for help. The problem with yelling is that a child’s voice doesn’t carry very far and it can get hoarse. A whistle’s shrill noise is very noticeable, carries quite a distance, and is far easier on the throat than yelling for help. Try this sturdy option and make sure the kids each have one.

4. Mylar Blanket

Hypothermia can be extremely dangerous and small children are at higher risk than many adults. Ensuring that your child has a mylar blanket, or space blanket, in their bug out bag, will help keep them warm. While it’s no substitute for learning to take shelter, kids can wrap up in the blanket in cold weather or at night to stay warm. The blankets are ridiculously lightweight, so you can even throw a couple of them in a toddler’s bag without worry. We like these mylar blankets.

5. LifeStraw Water Filter

At just under 2 oz. this personal water filter is ideal for kids to hold onto. It’s also simple to use . . . just stick one end in the water and suck on the other end. Since more complex filters can require multiple steps and care must be taken to avoid contamination, this is the best option for small kids. You can get a LifeStraw here or grab this family pack of three filters.

6. Bandages

Scratches, cuts, and scrapes can get infected quickly if left uncovered, but bandages can also help morale. Kids tend to get freaked out if they’re bleeding, so the ability to do something about it will help them feel better. Check out these fun, novelty bandages that will make your kids happy about putting one on.

7. Clean Socks

There’s nothing like a clean, dry pair of socks when you’re tired and cold. Socks can also be used to carry things and to protect your hands. Choose some bright, fun designs that will put a smile on your child’s face for an added boost.

8. Snacks

Hungry children are not fun to be around. Fortunately, there are plenty of small, ligth, yet filling snacks that kids can carry and eat, with minimal parental supervision. Ideally, if your child is separated from you, they should be able to eat and drink for at least a day.

What can you pack for your child to carry? Here are our favorite light survival kit food items for kids:

  • Mixed nuts
  • Beef jerky
  • Dried or freeze dried fruit
  • Granola bars
  • Protein bars
  • Hard candies or lollipops
  • Goldfish crackers (or any kind, but these are favorites at our house)
  • Fruit puree packets
  • Fruit leather

9. Walkie Talkie

Staying in touch when cell towers stop functioning or in remote areas is important and two way radios are a good option for contacting family members. Kids will love using walkie talkies, but they do need to be taught the proper usage. While there are plenty of options out there, we recommend this set of four for a family to use. They are light enough that kids can easily hook them on a belt.

10. Money

In a SHTF scenario, money may not be much good, but the rest of the possible scenarios you’ll end up in, it’s a good idea to have cash in hand. Your children should have at least some money in their bags so they can make purchases if needed. Pop it into a Ziploc bag to keep it in one place and store safely in an inside pocket. (Bonus item: Ziploc bags. You can never have too many and they are excellent light survival kit items.)

What are your must-have light survival kit items for your kids to carry?

light survival kit items for kids

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