bug out bags for kids

The Best Bug Out Bags for Kids

Bug out bags for kids are tricky. Obviously you don’t want your child to be helpless if they end up on their own, but you also don’t want to give them too much to carry. Fortunately, we have the experience to help you out.

What to Look for in Bug Out Bags for Kids

A good bug out bag for a child needs to be sturdy and comfortable first of all. However, there are a few other things to consider.

For example, while it may be enticing to pick out a bright, colorful bag, you probably want something non-descript. It’s best not to draw attention if you’re on the run and that means a simple, plain colored backpack is best for a bug out bag. If it’s too flashy, you risk catching people’s attention.

Other things to look for in a child’s bug out bag:

  • Padded straps
  • Water resistant or waterproof
  • Plain looking
  • Lots of pockets and zippers
  • Adjustable straps
  • Chest or waist band (optional, offers more stability)

The more space for items the bag has, the better. It’s helpful to have separate pockets for each items that your chlid will carry and it can help keep the bag well organized.

How Much Should Bug Out Bags for Kids Weigh?

The next thing to remember is that kids can’t carry nearly as much as you. That means you need to be very, very careful about how much you load into their pack.

Here’s a basic idea of what your kid’s bug out bag should weigh, once packed:

Bug out bags for kids

Remember that the initial weight of the bag will have an impact on the final weight and what you can pack. Keep this in mind as you select a bag.

The Best Bug Out Bags for Kids of All Ages

Here are our picks for the top bug out bags for kids. We’ve organized them by age, but once you get to teens, they can really use any backpack that an adult would use.

Bug Out Bags for Small Children

Little kids won’t be carrying much at all, but they should still have a backpack, even if it only contains a couple of snacks. Here are the best bug out bags for small kids.

Cute AND practical, this toddler size bag is great for the littler kids in the family. It features padded straps and an insulated snack pocket that can come in handy for bugging out. While not very plain, it does come in a few different designs for children to choose from.

Stick to the basics with this pack that works for kids up to 6 or 7 years old. It features a basic design, sturdy materials and a chest strap for added stability. Inside, the backpack is as spacious as a tiny pack can be, ideal for stuffing the very basics in for your child.

Here’s a nice, plain bag for the smallest survivalists in your home. It does have a reflective patch you may want to cover before bugging out, but it is spacious, long lasting and features a chest clip to keep the straps from slipping.

Bug Out Bags for Elementary School Kids

Your school age children will already have backpacks for school, but it’s a good idea to keep a separate bag for bugging out. This can be packed at all times and kept handy in the house or car.

Sleek and stylish, this bag has several reflective spots that can be helpful in the dark, or you can cover them up. The curved straps keep kids’ shoulders happy and the bag is waterproof, so ideal for use in the rain. There are also interior and exterior pockets for all the extra bits your child needs to carry.

 For kids with smaller builds, this backpack is perfect as a bug out bag. It’s extremely lightweight and has well cushioned straps and several pockets for easy organization. It’s also about as non-descript as you can get, while still being sturdy and practical.

 Designed to carry a lot of random stuff, this bug out bag for kids is water resistant and features an ergonomic design. It has interior and exterior pockets and is adjustable to fit growing children.

Bug Out Bags for Middle School Kids and Teens

At this age, your children are large enough to carry a small adult backpack, but make sure it is well designed and sturdy.

This backpack has a lifetime warranty, which may not help if the world ends, but otherwise, it will be handy. The ergonomic design will help kids carry heavier loads for longer and the fabric is sturdy enough to hold up to plenty of use.

If you want sturdy, but with good airflow, this is your bag. It’s designed for holding plenty of items, including a laptop, and has a charging port, which you may or may not need while heading for safety. However, the tight design and comfortable straps make this a great option for a bug out bag for older kids.

 Teens will find this pack roomy enough to fit everything they need in a bug out bag for a teen, but it’s also comfortable and designed to prevent back discomfort. It also has plenty of spaces to hide items and bedroll straps at the bottom.

Which of these bug out bags for kids do you like best?

Bug out bags for kids

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